Victoria Petersen started working as a professional artist and graphic designer at the age of 16, but has been drawing and creating her entire life. She has done concept art and storyboards for local filmmakers, worked as a concept artist/graphic designer at a multimedia company, is a RAW artist, and has done artwork for other various people and projects.
Her primary mediums are pen, pencil and creating artwork with her tablet on Photoshop CS6.
If you’d like to hire her for a commission or other project, please contact her.

Freelance Work:

Warfarer (independent film) – Concept art, promotional art and storyboards

Joe Versus (iPad game) – Concept and texture artist

Sundown At Crimson (independent film) – Promotional art and storyboards

Shoestring Youth Theater – Production photographer for their production of “Romeo & Juliet”

Walled In And Hollowed Out (independent film) – Promotional art

Prophecy Of The Flame: Book One – Illustration

Serrated (independent film) – Promotional art

Phoenix Works (podcast) – Logo design

DreamWeaver Musical Theatre – Promotional posters for their productions of “The Velveteen Rabbit” (December 2012), “The Secret Garden” (April 2013), “Enchanted Sleeping Beauty” (August 2013) and “A Little Princess” (March 2014)

Ye Olde Shakespeare Troupe – Promotional poster/Logo design

Marbles For America – Logo design

Participated in the 2013 Boise Plein Air Arts Competition

Had solo art exhibit at the Garden City Public Library (December 2013 – January 2014)

Had artist booth at the Artistic Taste of Garden City Event (May 4th, 2014)

Was part of an art gallery/auction for the Garden City Library “Books And Brushes” fundraiser (September 9th – 26th, 2014)

Had personal art gallery at The Perks of Life (June 2015)

RAW Artist at RAW Artists Boise event “BOLD” (September 2015)

Intuitive Bryce – Logo design

Jr. Concept Artist/Graphic Designer

Hass Arts

April 2012 – September 2012 (6 months)

 Concept art, graphic design, illustration


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