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Hey boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, cats and dogs, I’ve come to you with another update!

You may have been wondering “what the hell, where is V?”…or maybe you weren’t – either way, I’m still alive. I’m updating the look of my site and other pages a bit, as well as letting you all know that from here on out I’m going to be a bit more “informal.”

I realized that part of why I hadn’t been updating my website, Facebook, etc. as much is partly because I haven’t really been having fun with it. I also haven’t been drawing as much in general (being a busy adult kinda does that, bleh)…BUT I feel like I actually have the time/energy to really get back into again, so hopefully these changes will be reflected here.

Now when I said I’m going to be more “informal” it doesn’t mean that I am no longer doing professional work or taking commissions – I still am. However, expect a lot more silliness from my coming art and posts. I mean, why even do this at all if I’m not gonna have fun with it, right?

I’m also still going to be doing dark/serious artwork like I have in the past. I’ve tried to reconcile all these different interests and aspects I have, but I’ve come to realize that I am unable to package these things into a neat, easily digestible brand. I’ve had several other artists and people in this field tell me that this Frankenstein patchwork of styles, subject matter and tone makes me less “marketable” – and I know they’re probably right – but I don’t really care anymore. I’m just going to create whatever my heart inspires me to create. If some of you out there enjoy it enough to buy my work – I truly appreciate you guys! But if not, that’s fine too. I’m just going to keep being myself.

I know this was kinda long/ranty, so thanks everyone for tolerating my weirdness. Haha!


About V

Artist and astrologer, just making my way through wonderland.
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