“Every creative act involves…a new innocence of perception, liberated from the cataract of accepted belief.”  -Arthur Koestler, The Sleepwalkers

Welcome to Oddworld Art Studio, my website/blog thingy!  My name is Victoria, but my friends call me V (kinda like “V for Vendetta”…except for the fact that I’m not Hugo Weaving).  I’m going to be using this to inform people when I have art shows, when I create new work that I actually like enough to post on the internet, and to just talk about random stuff revolving around art and its connections to psychology and spirituality – because I love all those things and why not.

I suppose I should start off by telling a little about myself.  Like I said before, I go by Victoria or V – but NEVER Vicky…good lord, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s when people call me “Vicky.”  I am not a Vicky.  Whenever I hear that name I think of the “Icky Vicky” song from the Fairly OddParents.  Okay, moving on…

I’m currently twenty but I look twelve and dress like I’m seventeen.  I love art and drawing (obviously), playing the piano and listening to metal and hard rock.  I love reading, traveling, psychology, philosophy, the supernatural and the occult.  I’m also a big fan of the works of Jhonen Vasquez and Tim Burton, and their art has had a big influence on my own artwork.

A lot of people are sometimes confused by the large variety of art styles that I do.  While there are certain themes and styles that I use more often than others, I never really understood why, as an artist, I should pigeonhole myself into just doing one “type” of art.  When I was a kid I actually would purposefully force myself to try drawing in styles I was uncomfortable with to make sure that I didn’t get “stuck” in one thing.  I still get artist’s block from time to time, but that exercise really helped me, especially when I was younger.  Not just the style, but the subject matter of my art also varies quite a bit.  Like I mentioned before, there are certain things I like drawing more often than others, but I enjoy doing a large variety of things.

I once had this lady that ran this indie art shop look at my art to see if it was something they’d want to sell there, and she was very confused by the fact that I had some very light-hearted, whimsical, fairy-tale pieces and then some very dark pieces which talked about some pretty graphic real-world stuff.  When she asked me about it I said, “I just draw what I see.”  I think she thought I was bipolar or something afterward. Haha!  (I wasn’t accept into the art shop, unfortunately, though I found out later it was because the lady had a very specific taste in what kind of art she liked…namely being realistic landscapes.  And I love all kinds of art and am very supportive of other’s creative endeavors…but, come on, you have to admit that is kinda boring.)

Anyway…I’m not sure what else to put here.

Oh wait, yes I do.  I also have a Facebook page and a Redbubble page that you should check out!

I’ll see you all later!



About V

Artist and astrologer, just making my way through wonderland.
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